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Basic details

SHA256-hash: 29e5ffd34b3917c445fb89355934cd12187d165ca34b02303feb24a954513b30
Extension: ts
Submitted for CCExtractor version 0.80 (released 2016-04-25)
Platform: Windows
Parameters: -out=srt -latin1 -autoprogram
Notes: Unknown submitter, Anshul submitted this one into Slack (Also github #269)

Tags: No tags yet.

Test status & regression tests

Repository: Pass

Last release: Pass

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Media info

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  • Media info version: 2.0
  • General:
    • Format: MPEG-TS
    • FileSize: 5.72 MB
    • Duration: 0m 6s
  • Video:
    • ID: 257:
      • DisplayAspectRatio: 1.778
      • Duration: 0m 6s
      • CodecID: 27
      • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
      • Format: AVC
      • Frame rate: 29.970
      • Scan type: Interlaced (TFF)
  • Captions:
    • No entries available

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